Leona C. Hayenga - 101

5/22/1917 - 12/3/2018


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  • Dawn

    on 12/04/18

    I’m  so  sorry  to  read  of  your  loss.    While  there  is  nothing  that  can  take  the  sting  of death  away,  may  you  find  comfort  in  God’s  promise  to  one  day,  “swallow  up  death forever”  (Isaiah  25:8)  and  to  “wipe  away  the  tears  from  all  faces,”  (Revelation  21:4) And  even  more  comforting  to  know,  God  will  have  “all  those  in  the  memorial  tombs come  out”  free  of  sickness,  old  age  and  pain.  (John  5:28,29)  May  these  scriptures  help you  cope  until  that  time  comes.    For  more  information,  type the  following  link into  your  browser:  tinyurl.com/mezwv23. 

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