Naomi Tilbury Hendrickson - 90

2/21/1928 - 3/26/2018



  • Dennis Saam, Chugiak, Alaska

    on 04/02/18

    During the summer of 1966 I attended Vacation Bible School at First Baptist Church of Byron, and on Friday Morning, a message while every head was bowed, and every I was closed, that if any child wanted to ask Jesus into their Heart to raise their hand.  I did, and Mrs Hendrickson kindly took me ut on the back steps of the chapel and with her bible shared God's Wonderful Plan of Salvation for Dennis Saam - ME.  She had a bible the had a plan made especially for me. I bowed my head right there and asked Jesus to forgive my Sins, and come into my heart.  Life has not been easy for me.  I've made choices that were not right along the way, but I have a wonderful loving Savior, who forgives, and still to this day lives in me.  Ask me about my memory of Mrs. Hendrickson, I'll telll you about how she shared her faith with an 11 year old hyperactive child on the wooden back steps of a Baptist Church over 52 years ago. Thank you.

  • Niece Karen from Minnesota

    on 04/19/18

    My thoughts and prayers are with everyone at this If time and sending best wishes.

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