Robert M. Bechel - 91

2/14/1925 - 3/25/2016

Oregon, Illinois


  • judith ann barnard

    on 03/26/16

    to all so sorry for your loss. prayers and thoughts to all..
  • Lori packer

    on 03/27/16

    To ALL the families of Bob Bechel Sorry for your loss! Sending prayers to you!
  • Oregon Train Depot

    on 03/27/16

    Our prayers and condolences to the family of Robert.
  • Glenn Martin & Toni Hughes

    on 03/28/16

    Our deepest sympathy to all the family.
  • Karen (Scharr) Fitch

    on 03/30/16

    To the family of Bob Bechel, my deepest condolences. Grief is very individual and each has their own unique perspectives on how they cope through years of this process. Be loving and kind to each other the way this family always has been and it will realize one thing as survivors.. You hold this loving man all in the same place EVERY DAY.. And that is your hearts! With All my love and Prayers ~ Karen
  • Susan Heng

    on 04/13/16

    You are in my thoughts and prayers.
  • Iopafeopt

    on 11/15/16

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