Dennis Roland O'Hara - 76

12/30/1941 - 4/11/2018



  • Steve and Rosie Curtis

    on 04/19/18

    Please accept our heartfelt sympathy for your loss.

  • Diane Priller Nelson

    on 04/21/18

     So sorry for your loss. Denny was such a caring person who gave to his family and his community.

  • Jean Budrow Rencontre

    on 04/26/18

    I am so sorry to hear of Denny's passing.  We were in grade school together, and some of high school.  He and I always hit it off well, and I enjoyed knowing him.  Please accept my sincere condolences.

  • Fred Bergner

    on 04/27/18

    Dennis and I grew  up in the same block; he was three years older than I was; he was eight, I was five. As our 'gangleader' (Rich Williams and Tom Bryer also lived on our block), Denny was a big influence in my life, even after he moved many years later. We had our times; happy memories. I'm sorry to hear of his passing. 

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