Pre-Planning Information

Planning a funeral is an incredibly emotional experience that can be quite difficult. There are as many as 75 decisions to be made with in the first few days of someone’s passing. Pre-planning will help alleviate much of the stress on the loved ones who are left behind by giving them a guideline to your wishes. Pre-arrangement, pre-planning, and pre-funding is always available at Farrell-Holland-Gale Funeral Homes. Establishing a pre-arrangement assures that important information, decisions, and selections are made part of the permanent funeral file and will be available when needed.


The staff at Farrell-Holland-Gale Funeral Homes will walk you through everything step by step to make these decisions as easy as possible. We would be pleased to talk about all the options of pre-planning. Simply, call and we will arrange a time to meet.



“On the very first day I met with you…regarding the preplanning for my parents’ funerals, I immediately knew that you understood how much each of them meant to me. I never felt rushed in any of the preplanning, nor in making the final arrangements for both of them, sadly, within the coming year. Each suggestion I made you welcomed and then specialized according to your incredible ability to know what would be just right. You are incredibly flexible, as well! I never felt pushed into anything or felt rushed to complete the task at hand.”